All The Lines Flow Out explores man's power struggle with nature. The work begins in the storm drains of Singapore, whose scale shows man's attempts at containment and control, but the decay caused by the tropical climate hints at the essential impossibility of controlling nature. Ultimately, the viewer is swept out into the ocean and confronts water as pure force, without thought or conscience.

Pregnancy can be seen as one of the most important journeys of a woman's life, but for Tan Kaili, it has always been a source of pressure and stress. She doesn't think that being pregnant will complete her as a woman, but being in the minority is not an easy journey. So one day when life gets her down Kaili decides to pretend to be pregnant to see if there is solace on the other side. What ensues is a journey of discovery, adventure and even love.

It is 1985, Singapore. Meishi, a gawky 16 year old school girl, desperately wants to be part of a group and be cool. She lives alone with her strict father who's nursing a broken heart as Meishi's mother left them for an Australian sailor. Meishi follows her cousin who's part of a mall gang clique (CP kidZ) and tries to infiltrate in. But the gang leader, Zach, thinks Meishi is just not cool enough. There is a big dance off between rival gangs CP KidZ and Loverboys coming up and Meishi endeavours to do well during the dance off to prove her worth into CP kidZ.

A public service announcement video to raise awareness on early breast cancer detection. Client: KK Hospital. Directed and co-produced by Wee Li Lin. Cinematography by Charles Lim

Forever is about a young woman, Joey, who's so in love with the idea of being a bride that she gets a job as a video consultant at the Wedding Education Department (W.E.D). There, Joey shares the art of getting and marrying a man through her romantic "faux" wedding videos. But the idea of fantasy and reality are blurred as Joey falls madly in love with Gin, a handsome music teacher who acts with her in a video.

Client: The Sam Willows. Directed by Wee Li Lin, Cinematography by Charles Lim and Matte Chi, Post Production by Gravitate

Gone Shopping showcases a wealthy 'tai tai', an eight year old latchkey kid and an angst-y young man who make the shopping centers of Singapore their lifeline. Together, they lead audiences through a journey of love, loss and lunacy through the heart of Singapore where they find that their dreams can be bought and broken.

It is Chinese New Year 2014, a time of reunion, gluttony, new clothes and merriment. But for gym instructor Xavier Tan (Joshua Tan) and young tai tai Ping Wong (Felicia Chin), it is also a time of gain, specifically monetary gain in the form of hong baos. The two shysters pretend to be a couple to fleece it for what it's worth, only to find themselves outplayed by fate and destiny.

二零一四的华人农历新年已来临,同时也是聚会,美食,购买新衣和欢乐的时候。对即将踏入三十岁人生的健身教练 XavierTan 和年轻太太Ping Wong 而言,这也是丰收的时期,因为他们会从别人的手中接过好多红包。这对男女伪装成情侣,想要趁机取利,却被命运击败。

Changi Airport has a special place in our hearts, a place where millions of memories are made. Experience the warm feeling of home whenever you set foot in our airport. #iamhomeChangi

After a psychometric profile test, 50 year old office worker Wong Su Min is deemed as the person her colleagues least want to have lunch with. Back home, Su Min receives an invite to her old school reunion but she is hesitant. To build up her confidence, Su Min unearths her old childhood autograph book and reads through the poems of friendship which prove that she was liked, had friends and in fact, even had a best friend. But this trip through the youthful pages of the autograph book is not without its trappings as the book takes hold of Su Min and forces her to confront unresolved pain in her past.

A 60seconds public service announcement in aid of mental health awareness. Client: Silver Ribbon (Singapore), Writer, Director, Producer: Wee Li Lin, Cinematographer: CS Tay

A short documentary about Singapore singing legend Matthew Tan and his number one hit song "Singapore Cowboy". Client: National Library Board. Directed and co-produced by Wee Li Lin. Cinematography by Charles Lim

An online viral video for Soleil Wheels. Client: Stamford Tyres International Directed by Charles Lim and Wee Li Lin, Cinematography by Charles Lim Music by Alex Oh

The Perm is one of the two commissioned films for ciNE65 IV. Carolyn, a shy 12 year-old, decided to get her hair permed. Her grandmother persuaded her to do it at their usual ‘Auntie’ salon, where Carolyn has been cutting her hair since she was a child. But to her horror, the perm didn't turn out the way she imagined it to be. Watch to find out how this small community in the salon rallied around her.

Corporate video for Volvo Tridem Trucks. Client: Volvo, Producer: Wee Li Lin, Director: Gabrielle Riggir, Cinematographer: Charles Lim, Timelapse: CS Tay